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Benefits of Buying a New vs. Used Motorcycle

Benefits of Buying a New vs. Used Motorcycle

Brunswick Harley-Davidson Helps Find Your Next Bike in Troy

Buying a motorcycle is an exciting time for any motorist. When you need help deciding whether to purchase a brand-new bike or a used one, reach out to the specialists at Brunswick Harley-Davidson in Troy, NY for all the answers. We have helped bikers in the area since 1972 find their next ride, whether new or used. We inspect every bike that comes through our doors to ensure when you purchase one from us. You will feel confident and comfortable riding away from the shop. Give us a call today with the answers you need before showing up in person. You can also shop online here. We can’t wait to get you riding again on your new motorcycle. 

Benefits of Buying a New Motorcycle

Getting a brand-new motorcycle brings many benefits to the rider. Essentially, you will have full knowledge of everything about the bike because no one has ridden or worked on it before you take a seat. No longer will need to worry about honesty in accident reporting or if the previous owner took complete care of their Harley-Davidson. Your bike will also have all the latest bells and whistles the industry creates. Buying an older model can sometimes be a pain because you will have to do those updates for a more comfortable and sometimes safer ride. We have access to an entire lot of brand-new bikes for you to test drive before bringing them home. We will work with you to stay within your budget because buying a new bike doesn't need to break the bank either. 

Benefits of Purchasing a Used Motorcycle 

If you are an experienced rider or looking to buy your first motorcycle, the team at Brunswick Harley-Davidson with certified pre-owned options. We thoroughly inspect each bike brought into our shop to ensure that you're getting a quality ride when you buy. If price is a concern, it is much more manageable to negotiate or find a lower-cost bike on our lot. We can also provide a complete history of the motorcycle to give you all the information necessary on accidents, repairs, and replacements. Getting a used option also means you have the potential to get a bike with modifications not found on factory-issued rides. Enthusiasts are known to tweak and improve their bikes with performance-enhancing parts for smoother, more adventurous rides.  

Why Choose Brunswick Harley-Davidson for Your New Bike

Our team of Harley-Davidson experts in Troy can help you purchase the best bike for your and your next ride. We have helped tons of residents in the area fulfill their need to get out on the open road on a new motorcycle. Our extensive inventory of new and used options is perfect for riders of all experience levels. We can help point you in the right direction and have you riding out of here on a new or used motorcycle today! 

Reach Out to Brunswick Harley-Davidson Today

We encourage our clients to shop our lot before coming in to see what we have available. If you have questions, please feel free to call or stop by in Troy, NY, to get the answers you need. We can go over the bikes with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you what in the bike. If you would like to take it out for a test drive, we’ll help set you up with that as well. Motorcycles are our passion, and we cannot help get you on the open road.