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Winter Storage

Brunswick Harley-Davidson® in Troy, NY, offers an exceptional winter motorcycle storage service from October 1st to April 30th. Our facility ensures your bike stays in prime condition during the off-season. For $400 for motorcycles and $550 for trikes, we provide climate-controlled, secure storage, with continuous battery maintenance and fuel stabilization. Our comprehensive service includes a multi-point safety inspection, radio software updates, and handling any recalls. Plus, your bike is thoroughly washed and undergoes a New York State inspection. Trust Brunswick Harley-Davidson® to keep your ride safe and ready for the road!


  • October 1st - April 30th
  • $400 Bikes \ $550 Trikes
  • Includes:
  • Climate Controlled Secure Storage Maintained Battery
  • Fuel Stabilized
  • Multi-point Safety Inspection
  • Radio Software Update
  • Recalls Completed
  • Bike Washed
  • NYS Inspection

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