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IRONE Kids Electric Motorcycle in Troy


The first electric-powered balance bikes for kids with parents who want to share their love for riding.

Harley-Davidson Electric Bike in Albany, NY


Perfect for 3-5 yr old riders under 75 lbs, with 14-20" inseam

  • 12" Composite Wheels with Pneumatic Tires
  • Seat Height: 13”
  • Weight: 17lbs with battery
Harley-Davidson Electric Bike in Albany, NY


Perfect for 5-7 yr old riders under 75 lbs, with 18-24” inseam

  • 16” Composite Wheels with Pneumatic Tires
  • Seat Height: 17”
  • Weight: 19lbs with battery

Styling and features

Harley-Davidson Electric Bike Pedal


Extend the ride time with push button quick release to change out batteries. these industrial grade, lithium-ion battery and charger come full equipped with 20Vmax voltage (18Vnom) and 2Ah, allowing riders to hit the road for 30-60 minutes*. Charge time is from 30-60 minutes* for a full charge, depending on the model.

*Claims based on internal testing and general use of product.

Electric Harley-Davidson Bike For Kids in Albany, NY


Inspires riding confidence by allowing riders's feet to be firmly planted on the ground. also allows child to "dab" foot easily when off balance. Seat height can manually be adjusted based on the size of the rider, with a maximum of 13" (IRONe12™) and 17" (IRONe16™).

Electric Harley-Davidson Bike For Kids in Albany, NY


With a total bike weight ranging from 17lbs (IRONe12™) to 19lbs (IRONe16™), a child can quickly build up confidence and skill by having the ability to pick up the bike themselves. The Aluminum TIG welded frame and steel, BMX-style fork allow for a safe and fun ride.

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LOW (RED) MODE—In this mode, riders can start on a speed similar to what they can push their bike at in the nonpowered mode.

MEDIUM (YELLOW) MODE—In this mode, riders have now shown they have control of the bike and have increased their skill to ride at a faster speed.

HIGH (GREEN) MODE—This mode is for advanced riders who have already been riding and have great stability on two wheels.

A helmet and close-toed shoes.

Our IRONe12 and IRONe16 models run for 30-60 minutes after a full charge.

Our IRONe12 model takes 30-60 minutes to charge, and the IRONe16 takes 45-60 minutes.

No, but you can purchase an additional battery to extend your ride time at your local dealership.

Yes! Helmets, gloves, t-shirts, graphic kits and extra batteries will all be available at your select dealer.

Prices listed are generally the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), excluding taxes, shipping, added accessories, added additional dealer charges and are subject to change without notice. Prices and selection at local dealerships may vary. All taxes are extra. STACYC reserves the right without prior notice to discontinue at any time any of the items herein or change specifications or designs without incurring any obligation to the customer. All items are subject to availability and prior sale by our dealers.